Video Marketing: How to create a Youtube channel.

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Video Marketing: How To Create a YouTube Channel

The world is a very visual place. According to the saying, a picture “says a thousand words” so just imagine how much more potential a video would have as it combines both pictures and sound. Video is very effective as it helps you convey complex information in a simple way thus it would be unwise not to include video in your marketing activities.

Video marketing simply means incorporating videos into your marketing campaign in order to promote your business, product or service. People want information and want it fast so they would much rather watch a 2-3 minutes video than read 15-20 minutes of text. Videos have become cheaper than ever to implement and easy to distribute thanks to video sharing websites like YouTube. YouTube allows you to upload videos that can be shared through a channel once you become a YouTube member.


How to Create a YouTube Channel

Follow these easy steps and get started with your video marketing on YouTube

From your web browser, go to

Click on Sign In (Since YouTube is owned by Google, you can access it from your Google account)

If you do not have an account, click on Create Account

After signing in, you will be re-directed back to YouTube

Here, click on My Channel

If you have logged in with your personal Google account and wish to use as is, click OK

If not, click on To Use as a Business or Other Name

Name your channel, select a category and agree to Page Terms (Note that your new channel will come with a Google+ page)

Click Done

You are now ready to start uploading and sharing videos on YouTube. Video is a very powerful digital marketing tool and it would be a mistake to miss out on this great opportunity. To learn more about Video Marketing and other essential aspects of Digital Marketing, enrol for our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and open up a world of opportunity for yourself and for your business.

Next class starts 3rd of October.

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