Using Social Media to boost in-store sales.

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Social media has become a vital tool for businesses. This is most impactful in small businesses as it offers diverse ways through which businesses can connect and interact with their customers.

Research shows that 60% of customers engage with a brand using their social media platforms before making a decision to make a purchase. Also,  customers who engage with a brand on social, tend to spend between 20-40% more in the long-term. This data makes it very obvious the impact social media can have on a business in terms of sales and return on investment. Whether you sell online or via in-store visits, social media can help you not just gain visibility for your business but also generate leads that can become paying customers.
But it is not just sales. When it comes to building customer loyalty and retention, social media can be an asset. It is a great customer service tool

To help you set yourself apart from the competition, below is an infographic from Colourfast that outlines the role played by social media in guiding online customers through the buyer’s journey. It also offers ideas into the ways through which a retailer can integrate their in-store experience to their social media presence.

This infographic was provided by colourfast from for Wild Fusion Digital Centre. Wild Fusion Digital Centre is a specialist training organization in Digital marketing, Digital Services, and Digital Technologies.

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