Understanding Facebook Audience Insight

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One of the most powerful tools on Facebook that page managers and advertisers often underuse or sometimes neglect is the Facebook Audience Insight tool. The tool can be employed to have a better understanding of your audience- or even those that are not- allowing you to customize your content to speak directly to them having understood so much about their demographic and behavioural definitions.

The tool gives a foresight into the behaviour of your target audience and lets you run more effective campaigns.

In this article, you will discover how to use this rich tool to deliver content that readers can resonate with and how to maximize Facebook advertising dollar.

To access this tool Facebook Audience Insight, simply head to your Facebook Ads manager and click the hamburger button at the top left-hand to access the menu. Select “all tools” then click on “Audience insight” under the “Plan” category.There you are!

Facebook Audience Insight

Choose or Create an Audience you want to analyse.

To begin your Audience analyses, you will be presented with three options where you have to choose one. You can change your choice anytime. You can either select;

  • people who liked your page– This option present you with information about people who have already liked your page
  • All facebook Audience– This sums up all facebook user and presents you insights about their behaviour on Facebook. This, however, can be overwhelming.
  • or a custom audience.– A list of customers email or phone number you have build over time. 

Facebook Audience Insight

 Define your seed audience using the sidebar.

Perhaps you don’t want to settle for any of the preset categories above- often times you won’t- there are many options by the sidebar that allow you to create your own unique audience and analyse their behaviour on Facebook. You can explore any or combination of the six options in order to finetune your audience. Just as you will define your audience while creating an ad using ad manager or the power editor, the tool allows you to filter by

  • Custom audience—select an existing custom audience to analyze it.
  • Location
  • Age and gender
  • Interests – You have nine interests with many subcategories to choose from. Use this opportunity to research the behaviour of people who follow your competitors by typing including their page
  • Connections—Include or exclude your own fans.
  • Advanced—Here you can filter by behaviour, language, relationship status, education, work, financial, home, market segments, parents, politics(US) and life events

Explore the Data

Now that you have carefully selected the Audience you want to analyse, it’s time to explore the data and make meaningful inference out of it. The data are presented in a visually appealing and responsive bar, moving your mouse over it  The information has been grouped into six categories, let’s see how much insight you can uncover from each of them,

Demographic: This tab presents to you the demographics of your selected audience. Age and gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level and even job title. Knowing all this information can help you develop content – or maybe Ad copy – that is in tandem with their demographic makeup thereby getting better results from your campaign

Page like: An idea of the page your selected audience like can recommend relevant sources in your niche and will give you the opportunity to learn from those pages. Add the pages to your watchlist and learn from the type of content they roll out, see what is working for them and see how you can customize such to fit your category.

Location: This information can be valuable for local brands but most especially global brand. This allows you to know the level of concentration of your audience by country, cities and the top languages common to them. For a local brand, make sure you have adjusted the filter to show only the audience within your local space.

Activity: The activity menu feeds you with the action your typical audience takes on Facebook and the device they use in accessing facebook. The frequency of activity relate the number of times the selected audience performed these actions on Facebook i.e comments, advert clicked, post shared, post liked etc. Based on Facebook user activity and environmental data. Information like this will help you benchmark your campaign performance and knowing people often visit

Household and purchase: These two categories are only available in the US, it share insight about the purchasing habit of your audience, household size, household income, spending method etc

Save the Audience: Once you have devoured enough information about a new audience, one of the best practices is to save the audience so that you can easily target them while running subsequent campaigns. This saves you a couple of minutes you can spend taking coffee. However, remember to save with a name you can easily connect with.

Facebook Audience Insight 

On a final note, using the audience insight tool effectively can help you better understand your audience and prospective audience alike. It guides your content creation direction and helps you run targeted ads- achieving the best result with a minimum budget.

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