Types of Email Marketing Campaigns To Nurture And Retain Your Customers

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Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool you can employ to improve your business. However, you need to understand that you use different types of email to achieve different purposes in this type of marketing. 

For instance, if you are just starting with email marketing, you don’t just throw your business at the face of your leads immediately they subscribe. You need to first make them feel comfortable on your page with a good welcome email introducing yourself without bringing up sales.

Do you want to be a great email marketer with successful campaigns?

Then, you need to get familiar with the different types of emails to send at a particular time and their purpose to enable you to create the right content for each.

This is why we are sharing this post with you – to show you the most popular types of email marketing that would help improve your marketing strategies.

1. Welcome Email

This is the first email you send to your new subscriber to welcome them to your page. In this email, you need to ensure you create a good impression for your brand because it can determine if your potential buyer would proceed to the next buyer’s journey or not. 

Build relationships with them first get familiar with them as newbies, don’t just go ahead to introduce a new product to them but rather educate them on what your brand is all about.

Also, it is important to personalize your message because it has a high tendency of being read by your leads.

2. Email Newsletters

Every business wants to be the first in the mind of their customers and one great way to achieve that is by sending relevant newsletters regularly. This is a great tool you can use to enlighten your customers about your products and the services you offer. 

Before sending this email, you need to determine what you want to achieve through the newsletter. Is it to increase brand awareness? build relationships by nurturing your contact? Or is it to increase sales? Identifying your goals will help you know how your content should be created and how you can achieve success through email marketing.

For you to get your customers to read your email newsletter, you need to ensure your subject line is very attractive. It should increase their curiosity to find out what the email is all about so that they can open it. And also, always add a call to action which can enable them to engage with your content.

3. Lead Nurturing Email

To move your users from the consideration stage to the decision stage, you need to nurture them by sending emails that can help convince them to transit. For this type of email to be effective, you need to understand your audiences to be able to convey the right messages to them. 

This email enables you to combine a series of emails and automatically send them to your audience according to your schedule. All you have to do is to create content for your target audiences and schedule them and they will be sent to your leads even when you have forgotten about it.

It should consist of detailed information about your business such as its features and functionality.

4. Promotional email

This is a great way to increase the conversion rate for your business. It involves creating a campaign that can entice your audiences to buy your product such as offering a free ebook, or discount offers.  

You can also use it to reward your subscribers that have been engaging with your content by offering them special discounts or free training.

5. New Product Update Email

One of the aims of email marketing is to always communicate with your leads and keep them informed.  Therefore, when you have invented new products or services it is important to inform them. They need to know about these new products to make them feel carried alone.

In creating this email, you need to state the features of the new product and its benefits and prices. It should not be complex but concise.

6. Dedicated Send Email

You can send this email to the specific subscribers that have shown great interest in any event hosted by you such as conferences or webinars. 

This email is not sent to everyone on your contact list and that makes it very easy for you to target and create these messages. 

It also helps you set up the context to add a call-to-action with would yield results that can be easily tracked.

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7. Retention Email

When you keep sending emails to your audiences and they are not responding, you can send them a re-engagement or retention email. 

To do this, you could ask them for feedback regarding the product they have used or send a promotional offer that will interest them. This will help make them engage with your emails again. 

However, you don’t have to feel bad when you keep trying to re-engage them and they are not responding or even unsubscribe from your emails because it will help you identify those who are interested in your brand and focus on them.  

8. Brand Story Email

In email marketing, you must learn to tell stories. Storytelling is a great tool you can use to tell your customers about your business and engage them. 

Does your brand have a unique history? Or a personal story in relation to your brand? Then, you have to feel free to share it with your audiences. 

This is because a brand story can trigger an emotional response from your audience and motivate them to transit to the next stage of the buyer’s journey.


These types of emails can be used to engage your leads and also retain them as customers. They are very powerful tools you can employ to increase your sales, traffic to your page, and create awareness.

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing to your customers and prospective customers. It doesn’t matter if its a small, medium, or large business.

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