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The Future of Content Marketing

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The Future of Content Marketing

With 2017 high on the run, more and more companies are taking their businesses online and are
growing more and more. Content marketing has never been more attractive as a market than it is

And certain numbers and stats are showing content marketing will continue its growth,
accounting for a $ 300 billion dollar industry by the year 2019.
With more and more players on the digital market, we have witnessed a high growth in creativity, it’s
just brilliant.

New, innovative use of social media has put marketing into higher dimensions. And not
just that – infographics, high-quality written content, video content – it’s how every digital marketer
envisions it to be. And the Internet audience can be happy.
Finally, we are getting that win-win picture. No more traditional ads and pop-ups that were driving
people mad. Only high-quality content, complementing niches and businesses and giving customers
value just from being present and curious. Rewarding times indeed – get in on the hype, grab your
piece of the cake and don’t miss on the idea and facts this amazing infographic from Point Visible

the future of content marketing

content marketing in 2017

This info graphic was provided by Martina Stricak from Point Visible.com for Wild Fusion Digital Centre.  Wild Fusion Digital Centre. is a  specialist training organisation in Digital Marketing, Digital Services and Digital Technologies.

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