9 Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Be Using To Grow Your Engagements And Following

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Social media marketing is a marketing model that makes use of social media networks to reach marketing and branding objectives. It allows you to engage with your customers at any given time and it is cost-effective.

Manually managing all of your social media accounts can be difficult which is why there are social media management tools that can help perform your task effectively.  Some of these tools include the following;

1. Hootsuite

This is one of the biggest tools used by over millions of people in the world. It saves time by scheduling posts across all your social media platforms. Which helps you to monitor multiple accounts at the same time. While monitoring the accounts you can easily identify what your audiences think about your brand and what to improve on. you can also quickly respond to their comments. It automatically schedules content and review post in a simple calendar view.

A free plan and a premium professional plan are both available and it supports three accounts in the free version. 

2. Buffer

Buffer is a user-friendly, streamlined social media management software that can help you achieve significant social media engagement and outcomes.

It is one of the most affordable social media management tools. It has fairly modest scheduling and user limit (2,000 scheduled posts and 6 users), as well as a limited number of social profiles with which you may connect (max of 8, unless you spring for the highest tier).

3. MeetEdgar

This is content automation software for social media management. Users receive limitless social media post scheduling as well as adjustable automation tools.

It can also be used to set up A/B tests to track trends and receive engagement updates instantly.

4. Hubspot Social Media Software

Hubspot offers social media management software that is built to facilitate efficiency and authentic connections. It helps you monitor every activity and conversation from all of your social media platforms. 

Hubspot’s social media software is integrated with its other marketing tools. So prices start at $45 each month which also includes additional features like landing pages and ad management.

This tool specializes in assisting businesses in getting the most out of their social media strategy. The platform includes easy-to-use engagement and analytics capabilities in addition to fundamental functionality like posting and scheduling. You may listen in on discussions, see patterns, and track the performance of different sorts of material over time.

5. Sprout Social

It also allows you to customize your experience by adding particular tools like listening and premium analytics. There are also free trials and demonstrations available.

6. SEMRush Social Media Tool

SEMRush’s social media toolset includes several features that can be managed from a single dashboard. This tool supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business social profiles. 

It helps you to can plan your postings and choose the optimal times to distribute your stuff. Everypost also helps you create personalized content for each social media.

7. Social Pilot

This tool is used for scheduling, marketing, and analyzing applications for social media. The platform is suitable for small businesses that manage a large number of social media accounts and a high amount of posts. With it, you can manage up to 200 accounts and 1,000 posts every day.  It also has white-label analytics reports and PDFs that go into your social media strategy and performance are also available. And also, an inbox for managing communications and a team collaboration feature is included.

8. Social Bee

This tool is a social media management platform for small businesses that specialize in lead generation. It helps you schedule your post and is automated. Additionally, it allows you to create unique URLs and measure the impact of your social media postings on your sales and marketing efforts.

9. Zoho social

For a small business wishing to maximize its social media presence, Zoho Social is the ideal solution. It is one of the easiest ways to manage your social media. Its features include a flexible scheduling and monitoring dashboard which can help you see how well your content is performing and areas to improve on.


These are some of the effective tools you can employ to manage your social media accounts effectively and faster. Some of the are paid while some have a free option you can use. Rather than always trying to manage your accounts manually, it’s best you subscribe to any one of these tools for great results.

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