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Online Marketing in the Mobile World

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It is no secret that the world has shifted from a time where the only way people could access information online was to log-on to their desktop or laptop computers, to a time of mobile devices; where information is easily accessible everywhere, at any time and at one’s fingertips.

But what does this mean for businesses operating in the mobile world? Business cannot continue to carry out their online marketing activities without optimising for mobile customers, unless they stand a chance of losing these customers to their competitors whose activities are mobile optimised.

Here are a few tips for carrying out effective online marketing strategies in the mobile world:

1. Make sure your emails are optimised for mobile

Emails are viewed in a different way on a desktop or laptop computer than they are on a mobile phone or tablet.

Make sure that before sending your emails out, you test to see how they are viewed on a mobile phone. Most Email Service Providers help you to automatically optimise your mail for mobile.

 Email viewed on a desktop or  laptop computer

Email viewed on laptop or desktop computer


Optimised email on mobile

 Email mobile 2

Ensure that your website has a responsive design

Responsive web design means that your website will automatically appear properly formatted on any device: a desktop computer or laptop,  or a mobile device.

To ensure that your website is mobile optimised and, your current and potential customers have a pleasant experience navigating through your website regardless of what device used to access your website, build your website using a responsive design format.

Standard Website

Standard Website


Optimised website on mobile 

Web mobile 

3. Post on Social Media pages for your mobile readers

It can be tempting to put in a lot of information on your social media pages. But it is important to remember that while those who view your pages on their laptops can view a lot of information at a time, most people view your pages on their mobile device and information can only viewed in bits on a mobile device, make your posts interesting, fun and straight to the point.

In addition, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among other social networks provide options to include mobile features on your pages. Ensure that you find out what these are and integrate.

Facebook page viewed on a desktop or laptop computer

        Facebook page viewed on a desktop or laptop computer                                                      

 Facebook page viewed on mobile device

Facebook viewed on mobile device


These are just a few tips for ensuring your online marketing activities are effective in the mobile world. The mobile world has made it easier for people to access information but it has also forced business owners and corporations to think about how to cater to this growing market of mobile users.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more about best practices in online marketing, develop the practical skills to do so and grow your business? Wild Fusion Digital Centre offers professional training in online marketing that empowers you with the practical skills to carry out these online marketing activities yourself its practical and hands-on training programmes.

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