How to set successfully your first Lead Ads campaign

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How to set successfully your first Lead Ads campaign

During October 2015 Facebook launched one of the most powerful lead generation tools for marketers.

All of a sudden the process of acquiring new leads and clients has been revolutionized for many industries by a different way to promote products and services online.

If you are a marketer and you have never experienced this tool, take a deep breath and let’s immerse ourselves into this journey that will let you master this argument after reading this guide.

However before getting started, let me give you some more background on the topic, in order to understand at its best the magnitude of this new Facebook tool.


What exactly is Facebook Lead Ads?

 Facebook Lead Ads is a tool specifically designed to collect “cheap” leads, allowing you to collect information from prospects both from mobile and desktop ads.

The feature was initially born with the aim to maximize the online conversion of the ads campaign on Facebook from mobile device.

 But due to the fact that only 34% of user conversion was operated by mobile device they decided to update the feature and made it up running also for the desktop Even though  the mobile is the most used channel, it was not as much  profitable as the desktop,

Why Facebook Lead ads was a big breakthrough of the industry?

Previously, the conversion of the lead consisted of different steps, which at some point redirected  the user from social media environment to the landing page, where he had to interact with additional call to action, in order to provide his personal details. This often resulted in unsuccessful conversion, due to the fact, that users are not willing to exchange the safe social media platform for the entrusted external environment.

With Lead Ads all this conversation trouble disappears. When the user clicks on target  ads, a pop up window appears inside the social itself with already pre filled user data. In the majority of the cases, the user just needs to confirm its data and gets automatically acquired as a new lead ! easy peasy

What can we do with this new Facebook feature?

The main objective would be to create a large portfolio of users that are interested in our business. The final goal would be to get a list of potential clients interested in our product.

Why the lead generation is so important for your brand?

Here are the 4 core reasons for a business to chose lead ads as advertising:

  1. It’s cheaper than the direct advertising. There’s no doubt that by using lead ads you can definitely save money of your advertising budget.
  2. It builds brand awareness. Facebook, currently the biggest social media platform is the right place to start to build your brand awareness.
  3. It’s time saving: When Facebook presented lead ads, they announced it as tap tap done feature, and it literally is like that. It saves user’s time but also yours, as make it fast and easy for you, lead creator to prepare and manage your leads.
  4. Customizable tool: in fact,it is possible to customize the form  with different fields like: size people business, field of study, etc…when creating an ads campaign.

Now let’s go to the business!

How to create a Facebook lead Ads campaign:

First of all, we need to open our Power editor.

Then we chose to set  a new campaign and select Lead generation as our objective (step number 1), write down the campaign and then press continue button (step number 2)

Facebook lead ad

At this point, we can create our “Custom Audience” it should include all the people that have already visited your website.

facebook lead campaign setup

In order to do so, you need to select Website traffic

facebook lead ad

We have here the choice to include in the selection all the pages of our website or use only specific page in case we are running a campaign just for that selected product or service.


What will happen when doing it this way?

With this choice we are going to target just the audience that have been interested in that particular post.


Quick note: If we select website custom audience, we need to have the Facebook Pixel running on your website. If you don’t know what it is, you can quickly check this guide and have it up running just in few steps.


facebook ad setup

Now, that we have set our audience, we can proceed to the next step: deciding the budget. We can choose to set a daily budget of the campaign or one that will cover all the campaign duration. It’s up to us to make this choice in relation to our objective.

Now that we are done with the ad creation,we can click on the “Create lead form button”.

facebook lead ad campaign

Choose a name for your form and click yes when Facebook asks you to use a context card.

 Quick note II: If you are not aware of what a context card is, feel free to check it out here.

facebook lead ad campaign

As you can see on the above image, this is an example of how you might want to fill the context card. I personally advice to use a long text with the goal of getting high-quality leads. Of course you can try different context cards as well as alternative texts and images.Therefore, A/B testing is often the key of Facebook advertising success.

Now that you are done with your context card, you can proceed to the last action of the campaign setting: insert the questions that you are going to ask  your potential leads. You can either select from the choice given by Facebook or add your own customized question with a limited amount of characters.


facebook lead ad campaign

After  we finalized this step, it’s time to review everything and submit it to finally run the campaign.


What I should do after  I start to collect the lead?

The lead that you will collect through your campaign will be saved in your FB page and all the contact details can be downloaded in CSV format.

This is a small pain point of this process in fact, as this isn’t the most user friendly format to deal with, but there are already different tools that can help to solve this issue in order to synchronize all your leads library in your CRM software or your mail provider. Leadsbridge is one of them. Thanks to this tool you can manage the leads that you have just obtained from your ads campaign and import all the acquired contacts details in your favourite customer management tool, also GMAIL!

So here we are, you have just learned how to setup your first Facebook Lead ads campaign, I hope that this tool will help you to give a strong boost to your leads collection activity.

Now just test, test and test again, and let me know the outcome in comment below!!


Guest Post by Mark Cirillo for Wild Fusion Digital Center.

Mark is a Growth Hacker at LeadsBridge. He can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via Email.

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