How To Make Money on Facebook – 9 Easy Ways

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Facebook is a social media platform which you can make money from. It is a large community with over 2.9 billion users that provides opportunities for you to generate revenue.

Many people and businesses attempt to profit off Facebook and as a result, have increased the number of competitors in any industry.

It’s challenging to stand out on Facebook because of its massive size. This is why you need to identify the area you can perform well and put in much time and effort to achieve your goal of making money. 

If you are determined to make money on this platform, I will encourage you to read this post till the end. You might also want to check out a comprehensive post on how to make money online in Nigeria.

1. Sell products on Facebook

The simplest method to generate money on Facebook is to sell stuff. When you have a product you want to sell, you can advertise it on your page for your audience. 

You can also decide to run ads for it, to target specific audiences. If you want to achieve success in this area, make sure you select a winning product that is currently selling.

2. Facebook Ads

This is another fantastic way to earn on this platform. You can sign up on Google AdSense to enable you to get paid for ads on your page.

AdSense is Google’s internet monetization technology that allows you to show advertising on your website.

However, AdSense has some approval requirements, but if you meet them, you may generate money from any website by directing sponsored visitors to it.

3. Engage in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique whereby you promote a company’s product or service and earn a commission when people purchase that product using your affiliate link.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate for a product or service and start promoting it.

4. Sell Courses

With the advancement of technology, online courses have become a reality. You can design an online course and sell it on Facebook if you have the necessary expertise.

You can use this platform to target your potential audience, and you can gain from it if your course is excellent enough.

You can make a course about business development, sales, or anything else.

However, before establishing your course, it’s a good idea to observe other people marketing courses to validate the concept and think of a more creative way to ensure that yours will stand out.

5. Become An Influencer

A social media influencer has established credibility online on any social media channel. Being a Facebook influencer is a good way you can make money on that platform.

 It takes so much time and effort to become a great influencer remember consistency is key to achieving great success in any field of interest.

Before choosing to make money as a Facebook influencer, you need to choose a niche. Ensure it’s a niche you can comfortably establish authority and credibility on then you can start creating relevant content for your audiences and also employ other strategies to grow your page.

As an influencer, you can collaborate with brands to help them create awareness for their products or services and get paid for it as long as you are bringing value to them.

6. Buy From The Facebook Marketplace And Resell 

Facebook has a large marketplace where people sell great stuff.  Therefore, you easily can buy a product from there and reselling on your page or through other platforms. 

When you buy from the Facebook marketplace, you can resell it on your page or other social media platforms. This is a good way to many money 

7. Manage A Brand’s Social Media Account

Do you know how to build a great online presence? Can you properly engage with your online audience? 

Then, You can make money on through this platform. You can get paid to handle corporate social media accounts such as Facebook as long as you’re particularly excellent at social media.

With so many responsibilities as entrepreneurs, most CEOs are looking for individuals with social media abilities to help them create better brand communication with their customers as well as attract and nurture clients online.

As a  social media manager, it is your responsibility to plan and create social media posts, interact with the brand’s audience, grow followers, and keep track of the campaign metrics.

8. Become A Virtual Tutor

You can share your expertise with others on Facebook. And you can start by creating awareness for your classes so that people can get to know about them and register. 

This platform is a very large community and you will certainly make a good amount of money if you can convince your audience to register for your classes with a fee attached to it. 

As a virtual tutor, you can choose to focus on academics, talents, or anything else that brings value. 

9. Participate in Contests

Some businesses and websites hold weekly or monthly contests on Facebook. You may gain entries by sharing links on Facebook and by following their Facebook page.  

The great thing about these contests is that they are most times completely free to enter so it is easy for you to participate and make on Facebook.


Making money on Facebook is very possible in this digital age. It is a free and quick way to reach a focused audience looking to acquire your products.

Anyone can generate money on Facebook, as long as you are consistent in any of the areas mentioned above. And you can earn passive income on Facebook by joining relevant Facebook groups, connecting with other members of the group, and perhaps generating a paid ad or two.

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