Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

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Facebook ads and google ads are the two most common types of pay-per-click advertising platforms. However, they are very diverse systems with different demographics and business cases. 

Google Ads is ideal for advertising brands, products, or services that people are actively searching for whereas Facebook Ads is best for promoting items or services that a certain target demographic is likely to engage in it but isn’t currently searching for.

In other words, you could say that Facebook Ads are more like traditional advertising where you are exposed to advertisements even when you have no intention of buying. 

In this post, we will be looking at the two types of ads to determine which of them has the highest ROI. 

But before we dive into it, let’s understand these two channels of advertising.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is another great platform that allows you to advertise your brand online. It comes in several formats such as videos, carousels, images, collections, messenger, etc.

Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, interest, gender, age, job description, and language.  It is cost-effective and it involves creating quality and relevant ad campaigns and setting your budget for each click that your ad receives.

This ads channel is a great tool for creating brand awareness, generating leads, mobile advertising, engagement, and driving the right audiences to your page. It is highly visual and is not search-based.

To achieve success in your Facebook campaign, you must build a great online presence it will help build your audience’s trust in your brand. 

What are Google Ads?

Google ad is a platform developed by Google, that allows you to place ads in the result of search engines. This type of ad is ideal for people who are currently searching for your product on a search engine to move them toward the conversion stage.

These ads appear at the top and below the search engine result page and are usually with an “Ad” icon to differentiate them from the organic results. In this type of advertisement, you place your ad copy into an auction which will determine how Google would rank your ad. 

Unlike Facebook or Instagram Ads, your Google Ads campaigns are designed to capture existing interest in your brand or products and turn them into sales.

Some of the  factors that determine your Ad ranking on search engine result page include;

  • Your auction price –how much are you willing to pay per click. The highest bidding has an advantage over others.
  • Your click-through rate – how often do your audiences click on your page compared to the number of times it is displayed.
  • Your Ad extension –what is your page’s call to action and also other detailed information for your audiences.

In placing an ad on this platform, you need to understand that the quality of your keywords and ad copy are very important. they play a major role to help boost the popularity of your ads.

 As a result of this, when you offer to bid a higher amount for clicks, because of how popular your site is you will have to pay less for clicks. 

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – How they work

Both are pay-per-click ads channels. Facebook is a social media paid advertising platform and you can choose to auction your ads or set them according to your budget while google ads are paid advertising channels that appear on search engine results.

The approach customers are targeted is the key distinction between Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Although Facebook Ads has a lot of audience targeting choices which include; Gender, Location,  Age, Interest, and Demographics. It doesn’t have many searches or buying intent.

While Google Ads has fewer audience targeting choices, its consumers are actively looking for a certain product or service. 

The following are the factors for targeting on the google ads platform:

  • bidding higher on keywords that are related to your brand
  • Invest in remarketing campaigns for your audiences
  • Optimizing your google page for better visibility.

How to evaluate Facebook Ads and Google Ads

1. Cost of ads placement 

When considering which platform to place your ads on, it is important to consider the cost of your campaign.

Facebook ads’ cost per click(CPC) is much lower than google ads though the prices vary based on industries. 

The average CPC for Facebook is $1.72 and google ad average CPC is $2.69. Although CPC is more expensive on Google, however, it’s the best option to reach your audiences who are ready to buy your product.

2. Brand awareness

Facebook Ads is the best choice if you want to create awareness for your brand. Your ads can be tailored to appeal to different demographics, devices, locations, and other targeting options. 

To drive traffic to a blog post or article that isn’t let’s say “SEO-friendly”, Facebook Ads are better than Adwords.

3. Customer service

When it comes to customer service, Google Ads is far superior to Facebook Ads. It not only provides phone support but also has excellent customer service.

The industry’s support crew is always proactive, and it may occasionally contact you with suggestions for how to improve your campaign’s performance.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, provides email assistance which Google Ads doesn’t seem to have.

Both provide live chat assistance and comprehensive help centers, allowing consumers a variety of alternatives for getting the help they need and the way they want it.


Whether it is best to advertise on Facebook or google ads depends on the service or product you are offering. Facebook Ads are highly visual and are not search-based, like Google Ads.

Therefore, If your brand is popular then google ads are a great choice for you but if you are still unknown online you need to use Facebook ads so that you can create awareness for your brand.

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