Marketing has experienced rapid changes. Most startups have adopted digital marketing, but all the strategies in digital marketing are not equally effective. Do you know the digital marketing methods you need to boost the growth of your business conversions?In this week’s blog, we are going to share the 4 best digital marketing methods for startups. […]

YouTube Influencers are rewriting the Marketing Rulebook

Influencers can be powerful brand allies, but these collaborations require an entirely new approach to marketing. Working in strategy at one of the world’s largest media agencies, I’ve witnessed countless pitches about influencer marketing and the growing power of creators. With engaged audiences in the millions and passionate fans hungry for content, YouTube creators are already […]

How to Start A Business: 5 Keys to A Successful Business

How to start a business is where the spirit led me to this cold morning. And my message basically for you, is 5 keys to to a successful business. Knowing whether you should start a business is key to your success in business. Yeah, my inspiration actually came from Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero to One’. What […]

Best B2B Marketing Strategies in 2017 by 50 Experts  

Marketing strategies in many businesses are handled like war tactics. Some business focus on their competitors in order to develop marketing strategies to kill them off. While some small business basically focus on developing great product. Great product sells itself. Right? In tech space, marketing strategies may not sound so exciting because many great products […]

5 Ways to Make More Profit in Small Business in 2017

How to make more profit is an everyday question, in small business at least. Money may not be everything in business, but profit is very important. I cannot state how important making more profit is, in words. I shall introduce to you to questions you can ask in order to make more profit in your […]

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends 2017, Grow Your Business Online

Digital Marketing trends in the last five years have brought more changes to social media and other online channels than ever before. With the popularization of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and vine brands,  influencers are able to build audiences and communicate in months rather than years. With all the new online channels and tools popping up […]

Display Advertising: Getting it right on Google Display Network.

What is Display Advertising you might ask? Display Advertising in simple terms is a form of advertising which involves using videos, texts, images and other graphics to convey a commercial message on websites.  Display advertising aids businesses in driving traffic to their website resulting in conversions. However, a number of display advertising campaigns have very […]