Technology fans rejoice! 2018 promises to be a landmark celebration of all things technology. In fact, many trends will shape the global technology landscape in 2018, and these include: Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI once was a fantasy seen only in science-fiction movies. Now, it has become a part of the everyday lives of millions of […]

Google My Business Listing – A Must have for every Business!

Google My Business is a new dashboard which replaces Google Places for Business and Google+ Local. Google has experimented with both platforms in the past, which has left many business owners feeling confused and frustrated. The new Google My Business dashboard eliminates this confusion by allowing you to manage your company information across all of […]

Understanding Facebook Audience Insight

One of the most powerful tools on Facebook that page managers and advertisers often underuse or sometimes neglect is the Facebook Audience Insight tool. The tool can be employed to have a better understanding of your audience- or even those that are not- allowing you to customize your content to speak directly to them having […]

How To Design Web Forms That Convert

How To Design Web Forms That Convert Every day, businesses around the world anticipate new customers. Either to increase their bottom-line or simply stabilize their customer base. In either of these cases, creating effective  web forms is a great way to achieve your business objectives. This article attempts to demystify the form creation process and […]

The Future of Content Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing With 2017 high on the run, more and more companies are taking their businesses online and are growing more and more. Content marketing has never been more attractive as a market than it is now. And certain numbers and stats are showing content marketing will continue its growth, accounting for […]

How to set successfully your first Lead Ads campaign

How to set successfully your first Lead Ads campaign During October 2015 Facebook launched one of the most powerful lead generation tools for marketers. All of a sudden the process of acquiring new leads and clients has been revolutionized for many industries by a different way to promote products and services online. If you are […]

Marketing Statistics 2017: 10 Insights That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy

Marketing statistics 2017 is probably the next best thing to ponder over now as small business. The year is into second half already, you need these marketing insights to rethink your strategy. Digital marketing is big on iteration, which requires that you continue to measure results you get from your marketing efforts online and improve […]

How to Start A Business: 5 Keys to A Successful Business

How to start a business is where the spirit led me to this cold morning. And my message basically for you, is 5 keys to to a successful business. Knowing whether you should start a business is key to your success in business. Yeah, my inspiration actually came from Peter Thiel’s ‘Zero to One’. What […]

Best B2B Marketing Strategies in 2017 by 50 Experts  

Marketing strategies in many businesses are handled like war tactics. Some business focus on their competitors in order to develop marketing strategies to kill them off. While some small business basically focus on developing great product. Great product sells itself. Right? In tech space, marketing strategies may not sound so exciting because many great products […]

5 Ways to Make More Profit in Small Business in 2017

How to make more profit is an everyday question, in small business at least. Money may not be everything in business, but profit is very important. I cannot state how important making more profit is, in words. I shall introduce to you to questions you can ask in order to make more profit in your […]