How To Make Money on Facebook – 9 Easy Ways

Facebook is a social media platform which you can make money from. It is a large community with over 2.9 billion users that provides opportunities for you to generate revenue. Many people and businesses attempt to profit off Facebook and as a result, have increased the number of competitors in any industry. It’s challenging to […]

The Best Free Email Marketing Platforms You Should Be Using

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that every business needs to engage in, to improve their marketing effort. It is powerful yet tedious and time-consuming when performed without software.  Imagine trying to send 100 emails to 2000 contacts without using the right software. It is exhausting. Email marketing platforms enable you to create, send and […]

Best Online Businesses in Nigeria You Can Make Quick Money From

I believe you saw this page and clicked on it because you want to find out the best online business you can start with little or no capital investment. Then, read till the end.  Because I will be sharing with you, the best online businesses that are profitable and yet less expensive to start. These […]

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook ads and google ads are the two most common types of pay-per-click advertising platforms. However, they are very diverse systems with different demographics and business cases.  Google Ads is ideal for advertising brands, products, or services that people are actively searching for whereas Facebook Ads is best for promoting items or services that a […]

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing With No Experience

Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is a broad phrase that refers to the process of marketing on the Internet. It is made up of several components that cover all aspects of online marketing. Therefore, you need to realize that it is not a single discipline, but rather a collection of channels that helps […]

Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Ads To A Business

Are you deliberating on investing in Facebook ads or only improving your business organically?  Then, this post is definitely for you because I will be showing you some of the benefits of Facebook ads to your business.  Facebook is a large social media platform that can help improve your business performance online. It offers you […]

How to Develop Digital Marketing Skills

More than ever before, digital marketing has now become a key strategy for businesses that operate online. The need to stand out in the eye of customers and also beat the competition is an increasing necessity, which in turn fuels the need for digital marketers with the right skills. As a digital marker, honing and […]

Benefits of Local SEO to Your Business

Local  SEO is a type of SEO that involves optimizing your website to be visible and drive traffic on the local search engine result page. As a small business, SEO would help you create better brand awareness for your business which can lead to an increase in your conversion rate. If your business has a […]

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns To Nurture And Retain Your Customers

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool you can employ to improve your business. However, you need to understand that you use different types of email to achieve different purposes in this type of marketing.  For instance, if you are just starting with email marketing, you don’t just throw your business at the face of […]