Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing is a very effective and powerful advertising tool that must be exploited by most if not all businesses. This is why social media marketing has been seen as ‘’the next big thing’’ to be taken advantage of by most entrepreneurs. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 affirmed that social media marketing was beneficial and important to their various businesses.

Read on to find out why social media marketing can be beneficial to your business.


Brand Recognition

Marketing via social media platforms serve as a channel by which your brand is given a voice. It provides many opportunities for displaying your content thereby increasing valuable visibility. This is beneficial because it makes it easy for you to be more accessible to new customers and more recognizable and familiar to existing customers.


 Trust Establishment

It is a known fact that people make purchases from brands they trust. These days, social media has facilitated trust establishment.  When your brand is trusted and your products and services are perceived as useful, it influences people’s intent to buy.


Saves cost

Advertising on social media platforms is less expensive than traditional advertising. Regardless of how social media evolves and changes over the years, one true fact is that social media is free to use.  The most important things needed for effective social media advertising is the time required to create and maintain the accounts as well as relevant content. As social media is free, many individuals are on various platforms, and it makes it easy to potentially reach millions of people.

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 Reach people with genuine interest in your brand

As social media aids in reaching millions of individuals, it also makes it possible to target various groups of people on social media which is highly beneficial to your brand. Facebook, for example, gathers data on all of its users, including behaviors, interests, jobs and more based on their activities on Facebook.  Additionally, Facebook makes use of data from third-party organizations that categorize their users based on the type purchase they make and the type of websites they visit.


Increased conversion rate

Social media marketing promotes results in higher conversion rates in many distinct ways. The most significant being its humanization element. Due to the fact that brands become more humanized as a result of social media being a place where brands can act like people, it heightens brand and consumer engagement thereby resulting in high conversion rates.


Drive traffic

It is a known fact that no website can survive without website traffic.  By increasing traffic to one’s website, an increase in sales is most likely to occur. Social media can be used to facilitate and deliver relevant traffic to your website by building a strong social media presence.

Businesses and individuals who would like to get ahead and reap the benefits of using Social Media Marketing should take the first step by attending our  Advanced Training in Digital Marketing training which will provide them with a solid foundation not only in Social Media Marketing but in other essential aspects of Digital Marketing.

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