Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Ads To A Business

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Are you deliberating on investing in Facebook ads or only improving your business organically? 

Then, this post is definitely for you because I will be showing you some of the benefits of Facebook ads to your business. 

Facebook is a large social media platform that can help improve your business performance online. It offers you an opportunity to advertise your brand using pay-per-click.

This ads platforms help to increase your revenue and boost conversion faster. It also offers a user-friendly management tool and is accessible to any type of business.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy while investing in Facebook ads. You might also want to check out this post on how to make money online in Nigeria.

1. It helps you target the right audience

Though Facebook is a platform with large audiences, you need to also know that not all of them have an interest in your business. 

Running ads on Facebook with help you narrow your campaign to your audiences. It provides you with an option of selecting your audiences based on their age, gender, demographics, language, etc.

2. It increases your visibility

Do you want to reach a wide audience at the same time? Then you must have to engage in running ads on Facebook. This platform has about 2.9 billion users monthly users of which some of them are interested in your business. 

With proper targeting, Facebook helps you to reach them based on their interest, location, age, etc. by increasing your visibility, these ads would also help boost your social media signals such as shares, likes, and comments. 

3. It helps you achieve a measurable result

Unlike like the traditional model of advertising which is difficult to ascertain results, Facebook ads can easily monitor and measure their performance. You can easily figure out how your money is been spent and if it’s yielding positive results. 

Facebook has a tool called Facebook insight. This is used for analyzing the performance of your campaigns such as your number of reach and engagement. And this is carried out in other to make better decisions for future campaigns.

4. It is cost-effective

Any business can afford to advertise its brand on Facebook. you don’t need to spend so much money to run ads on this channel.

Depending on your industry, ad placement, target audience, etc, research shows that Facebook ads cost between $0.50-and $2.00 per click. This shows that Facebook is a cost-effective advertising platform compared to some other advertising channels.

5. It has various formats

On this social media platform, you are not limited to a certain type of ad format. Facebook allows you to explore different types of advertising which are not available on other paid channels. For each campaign, there are different formats available for your use. This format includes; 

  • Image ads –include a single image with a caption.
  • Carousel ads – these ads comprise various images that you can scroll through.
  • Lead ads – are used to collect information about your audience.
  • Video ads –  they range in terms of length and can appear in-stream or stories.
  • Messenger ads – appear on your Facebook messenger. It is usually found between your conversations.
  • Slideshows – these ads show short videos with sound, text, and motion.

These various formats usually contain text and visual elements that describe your brand. Which why you need to be very creative in creating your campaign and also choose the best format that would perfectly convey your message.

6. It offers ads for specific goals

Before advertising your brand online, you need to identify your goals to enable you to get the right results. Facebook offers ads for your specific brand goals such as creating a campaign to increase your engagement, drive traffic to your site or generate leads. Facebook ads manager offers advertising benefits to ensure your ad objectives are achieved. These objectives include:

Brand awareness – reaching out to people that seem to have an interest in your brand.

Lead generation – collecting information based on your audience’s interest

Conversion – attracting your audience to purchase your product, make downloads, etc.

7. It allows you to perform an A/B ad test

Facebook provides you an option of carrying out ad testing such as A/B testing for better ad campaign performance growth.

In this test, you can display similar ads to your audiences, to know which of them performs better than the other to enable you to know which campaign you need to invest more in. This test can also be set up for a particular time frame for specific audiences.

8. It is easy to set up

Facebook has made it very easy for every business to set up a pay-per-click ad on its platform. 

It does not involve rigorous processes to set up rather its procedures are concise and can be implemented at any given time.

9. It increases your conversion rate

Facebook ads help to regularly keep your audiences engaged and nurture them to transit to the conversion stage. Creating awareness once on your page is not enough to convert your audience to patronize your brand.

Your brand needs to keep being on their faces so that it can stick to their minds. And one of the great ways to achieve this is through Facebook ads. 

You need to also know that, creating a good campaign is the key to getting your audience to click on your ads.

10. You can easily remarket to your audience

Through cookies/ session tracking, you easily remarket to your audience who have previously interacted with your brand. With a small snippet code from Facebook, you can easily track your audience and also identify their actions when they view your ads. 


Facebook ad is very essential for your business. If you are determined to grow your business page faster, then you need to invest in running ads on Facebook. 

Growing your page organically is a good strategy but it usually takes a while to achieve great results. Facebook ads require a very low budget, therefore both small and large businesses can achieve great results and still have a good Return Of Investment(ROI).

To take advantage of these benefits, you need to get started. 

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