6 Benefits of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is simply the process of carrying out all marketing concepts through the internet and digital channels such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets. It is also known as Online Marketing. This marketing comprises of various types and they are:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Search Engine Marketing 

Brands leverage the various types of digital marketing to promote their brand to their potential customers as a result of its benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing?

1. Digital Marketing Helps You Reach A Large Audience

With digital marketing, you can reach more people from any part of the world at the same time. 

It breaks the distance barrier that affects most traditional methods.

According to the current statistics on research that was carried out in January 2022, it was ascertained that about 4.95 billion people in the world access the internet daily with their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. 

This result shows that the internet is a very large community that you can reach notwithstanding the location. Therefore, with proper search engine optimization, you can drive traffic to your website. 

2. It Helps You To Specifically Target The Right Audience 

In marketing, knowing your right audience makes your marketing campaign more effective, and digital marketing makes audience segmentation. 

This is why online marketing seems to be a great form of marketing compared to the traditional model.

In this type of marketing, you can easily get your potential customers’ data and target them with your products or services. This is unlike the regular traditional marketing which happens offline. Targeting the right customers could be difficult. 

You can create your buyer personas to help you target your right audience and this could be done through researching, interviewing, or carrying out surveys.

Targeting the right audience helps you spend your budget effectively and generate relevant leads.

3. It Helps You Optimize And Improve Conversion Rate

Since the marketing activities are carried out online, it makes it easy for you to track how well your marketing strategies are effective.

With the aid of digital marketing tools like google search console, google analytics and the tools provided by social media platforms, you can see the number of audiences that clicked on your ads and you can also identify the ads that have the highest click-through rate.

This helps you know your conversion rate and it also identifies the areas that need to be optimized so that you can improve on them.

4. It Allows You Engage With Your Audience Through The Buying Journey

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, help you to engage with your audience at every buying journey. 

The buyer’s journey comprises the various phases a customer goes through to make a purchase. It is simply the buyer’s path to purchase a product and they include:

  • The awareness stage
  • The consideration stage
  • Decision stage  

Through digital marketing, you can always communicate with your target audience, answer their questions, attend to their complaints and influence their buying decision. This act can also help build credibility. 

5. It Is Measurable

When you employ a strategy in marketing, it is important for you to know the outcome of the tactics you have employed especially when you have invested money into it.

Digital marketing makes this easy. It helps you measure your campaign results which would guide you to improve in your campaign.

Every campaign has a tracking system that tracks every activity a visitor performs on your page. With it, you will get to know how many people clicked on your ad, the number of engagements, how many leads were converted to sales, etc.

However, it is important to measure your results with the most relevant data which is your “Key Performance Indicator”(KPI).

6. It is cost effective

Online marketing is very affordable and highly productive. In traditional marketing, you can spend so much money running ads on television, printing banners, etc, and still not achieve desired results. 

However, digital marketing advertising methods allow you to choose your budget and still reach your target audience. This makes it easy for small-scale businesses to compete with large-scale businesses due to its affordability.

Also, as an individual looking into how to make money online in Nigeria or wherever digital marketing is one of your best bets.

7. It’s a Career path that yields high income

This is one of the greatest benefits of digital marketing to an individual. You can build a career in any of the types of digital marketing and earn a high income for yourself. 

As business keeps increasing online, the rate of opportunities also increases.

Online marketing is a platform for competition. Therefore, every website owner would need an SEO expert to optimize their sites. 

Businesses want to have a great online presence and also keep engaging with their audience on social media and they would need Social media marketers, etc.


Digital marketing is beneficial to both individuals and businesses. Also, the fact that it is not restricted to any type of business should encourage you to learn more about it.

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