4 Advantages of Paid Search Marketing

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We all know the importance of getting your products and services communicated to your target market. An important goal for most businesses is to reach out to people who will buy their products, pay for their services or in the case of non-profits, take a required action.


One of the ways you can promote your business and see measurable returns on investment online is through paid search marketing. Today I’ll like to discuss the advantages of paid search marketing. But first, I’ll like to explain what paid search marketing is and how it’s different from search engine optimisation.

Paid Search Advertising also known as PPC is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing the visibility in search engine result pages.

Paid Search Advertising also known as PPC is a form of internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing the visibility in search engine result pages. The Ads can appear above or below the natural listing as well as the right hand side of the page. See image below for further understanding:

search 01

While SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website, from search engines through free or organic listing. See image below:

search 02


While Search Engine Optimisation is important for your business, for more targeted and immediate results, it might be worth including paid search marketing to your online marketing mix. Here are some of the major advantages of advantages of search advertising.

  1. Search is the most popular medium of research and information source: This makes your Search Adverting the most targeted form of adverting as you will be reaching users at the point of their needs. If you are a travel agent and anyone searches for words like cheap tickets, holiday trip, vacation package etc, your advert will appear. When people search online for a product or service, they are at an important stage of the buying cycle. So if your Ad appears, you can easily convert them to purchasing customers.


  1. You can do business globally: If you run a business in Nigeria or any country and have prospects overseas, you can reach them easily as there are no geographical boundaries.


  1. Get more targeted traffic to your website:Millions of searches are conducted every day as people look for websites, information, products and services. With search marketing, you can definitely get more targeted traffic to your website thereby building your brand. When your website has high visibility on search engines, you are showing your prospects that your business is an authority within your field.


  1. It is cheaper when compared to some other types of advertising:There is a PPC model (Pay per click) that allows you pay only when someone clicks on your advert. Thereby you not only advertise to specific/targeted audience, you only pay when they click on your Ad.

So at the end of the day, it is clear that Paid Search advertising is good for every business that offers goods or services to people. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you definitely should and watch your business grow.

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