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About Us

Read about our Mission and see all what WDC is about

About WDC

Wild Fusion Digital Centre (WDC) is incorporated within one of Africa’s most innovative digital marketing agencies and the centre (WDC) is the benchmark for Digital Marketing Certification in Africa. Founded in 2014 by Abasiama Idaresit, the digital centre started to develop and encourage digital professionals to become contributing members of African society.

At Wild Fusion Digital Centre, we do not only teach digital marketing, we have a proven record of transforming amateurs into full-blown digital marketing professionals with hands-on technical skills. We build successful careers and promote continuous learning in the digital tech space, constantly developing the digital marketer into a trained expert.

Our courses are delivered in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland and the School of Media and Communications, Pan Atlantic University.

Our Mission

To support emerging and current professionals and marketers in the digital ecosystem with digital marketing training, helping them realize and attain their full potential as digital marketers.

Why WDC?

Beyond our position as a leader in the Digital Marketing Skills Development space, students also learn from the best digital marketing teachers as part of their journey into digital marketing. At WDC, our focus is to ensure that students receive nothing less than exceptional training, making us the best choice for anyone looking to venture into digital marketing.


Available courses include Digital Marketing, Digital Services, and Digital Technologies – all certified by a top industry body, Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland.


We are committed to graduate professional experience. We offer a Business Ethics Module to prepare our students for real-world situations that may not always have obvious solutions.

Best Learning

With over 4000 certified students, our graduates are thought leaders in digital and often operate as hired talents in digital marketing agencies.
Live briefs are provided to enable students to put these learned skills into practice and apply them in a real-life scenario.

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WDC is the best learning platform where by you get all what you want in one class


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